A week of powder skiing with 10cm of fresh snow everynight. The Ouellette Gang. 2016.


The Ouellette Gang. 2009.

Echoing in some remote corner of my memory are dreams of Heliskiing. Bugaboo, Monashee, Selkirk -- vodoo names just

out of reach in the foggy snow bound edges of dreamland. Dreamy words of an indistinct corner of Canada -- too far, too expensive. The dreams of the young pitched against the reality what it takes to fuel a helicopter, to build Kubla Khan's sunny pleasure-dome in the snow-fields of Canada. In this small world it's only a few phone calls, a bag of pesos and I find myself in a car driving through the snowbound Idaho Panhandle en route to the Canadian Mountain Holidays Bobby Burns Lodge! Snatched from poverty and the tropics like a drugged sailor. With a sublime wintery twist Kubla Kahn is transformed into a lost Canadian prospector, Bobby Burns.