Adjusting Timing

NOTE: Start with a valve inspection and possible adjustment, if your CT is not operating properly, even if it seems your problem is not related to the valves! If you just purchased a CT, start with the valve inspection and adjustment just to make sure everything is OK or if the engine doesn't want to start or is not operating properly. The second step should be inspecting and/or adjusting the contact breaker points, you can then return here to inspect and/or adjust the timing.

There are two methods for inspecting and adjusting the timing;

  1. Static timing
  2. Dynamic timing

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Everything in the electric start system focuses on one thing - the  "neutral switch".  It isn't really a "switch". It's actually a plastic and metal plug under  the countershaft sprocket cover with a metal circuit running through  it from a wire on the outside to a contact on the inside end. 

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