Lrio started as, and remains, a beta site for testing scripts before putting them on production sites. Well most of the scripts have worked out and are simply running here. Waiting for them to be exploited by a security vulnerability and then the site will be hacked.

I try to keep this up to date and secure, but it is exciting to live in the hackers gunsights.

Expect nothing, buy nothing, believe in nothing.

Well on second thought buy some photos. You can have any of the photos in the Gallery printed and shipped to you by foto moto. Just click on the link . It's a fair price and simple to use. Select the print size you want, give your shipping address and billing info and your prints will show up in the mail.

You will find photos of my work and travels. My work takes me to the ends of the earth, or at least the wilderness of Idaho, Oaxaca and SLP.

  • USFS River Ranger photos from the Payette River
  • BLM River Ranger photos from the Jarbidge, Bruneau and Owyhee Rivers
  • Surf Photos from Mexico. These are more snap shots
  • Heliskiing from Revelstoke BC. thanks to the great people at CMH and my fellow skiiers there.
  • Miscellaneous photos of my family.
  • The Melbourne Cup

Please don't buy any of the photos from the album of subliminal advertising and illusions. Those are not mine and are probably protected by the copyright of others.