Esplanade has no foliar effect on actively growing trees, shrubs, flowers and perennial grasses. Deeper rooted perennial plants are not affected. There is little concern of movement of the Indaziflam once it is tied to the soil cation sites. In short, it stays put. It can be applied 1-2 months, June, July August, prior to a rainfall event because it is not appreciably broken-down by sunlight.
expenisive. 6 oz per gallon. $217 for 2.5 gallons on amazon. $17 a 3 gallon load.

PlateauĀ® or Panoramic 2SLĀ® (imazapic) provides control of cheatgrass, and its selective activity allows many desirable native grasses and forbs to re-establish after treatment. For the most effective control of cheatgrass using products containing imazapic, fall applications during the early postemergent growth stage (1-2 leaves) are recommended.
$76 quart on amazon. 0.3 oz per gallon. $ 1.26 a 3 gallon load. 32 loads.